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    Is The Finishing School just for women?

    Whilst the program was specifically designed to support women who don’t feel good enough to become confident business owners, due to class, limited resources, race, sexuality, lack of accreditation or training school elitism, it’s not strictly women-only/women-centric.


    If you’re a man, and believe you meet the points in who I work best with – let’s chat. 


    Do you only support psychotherapists and counsellors?

    I am experienced in setting up counselling services and private practices.


    Do you work with UK therapists only?



    My knowledge is based on my experiences in the UK; however, the skills and strategies can be adopted if you are a therapist overseas too.


    I am setting up a private practice with my friend. Can we have joint sessions?

    If you’re interested in joint sessions, contact me. 


    Is there a reduction in tuition fees or can the fee be paid in installments.

    I only have one space for reduce tuition fee in the school and this is already taken.


    The tuition fee for the introductory class or full program cannot be paid for in installments, fees are paid in full to guarantee your spot.